Growing Awareness Of The Need For Co-operation

Utrecht, Netherlands – It is about time that key players concerned with ATM security issues joined their forces to enable cross-vendor countermeasures against ATM security threats. That is the conclusion reached during discussions held at two major industry events: the ATM Security 2015 Conference in London and CELAES in Panama. The ATM Security Association attended both events to offer insights into its achievements so far, its mission and goals. The association’s objectives include bringing ATM manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, banks, independent ATM deployers (IADs) and authorities together to build a secure platform for the analysis of ATM security threats, exchange of information and development of relevant industry security standards.

During ATM Security 2015, the world’s leading conference on ATM fraud and security, the ATM Security Association’s Chairman Uwe Krause as well as other representatives discussed the association’s progress and roadmap for the future with several interested delegates – both at the association’s booth in the exhibition area and during a session on industry-wide co-operation as part of the speaker program. Among the participants showing great interest were IADs, financial institutions, ATM manufacturers, and suppliers from several different countries. Representatives of other industry associations as well as numerous technology experts also engaged in detailed discussions.

During the Latin American CELAES meeting, Tom Moore, Managing Director North America at association member TMD, likewise received positive feedback regarding his presentation on the ATM Security Association, in particular its concept and mission. Visitors of the event consisted mainly of executives and managers responsible for security at financial institutions, suppliers and service providers.

Altogether, the association draws a positive conclusion: “The great amount of interest we received during these major events confirms that the association is addressing an ever-increasing demand for cross-industry collaboration and manufacturer-independent action against global ATM security threats”, summarizes Uwe Krause. During the events, the association was able to initiate valuable and promising conversations, and succeeded in attracting new prospective members, culminating in verbal commitments from two new members during the events.

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About the ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology

The ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology is a non-profit association dedicated to improving ATM security. Its aim is to compile information on recognized and potential attack scenarios on ATMs and share that information with specific industry groups to rapidly develop and implement counter-measures at a global level. The main purpose of the ATM Security Association is to create a global network throughout the ATM provider chain enhancing security including all involved parties like Global ATM manufacturers, Suppliers, Financial Institutions, Service Providers and IADs. One of the primary goals of the ATM Security Association is the creation of security standards focused on the deployers’ self-service channel. The focus of the association will be on both hardware and software-related threats, physical and logical attacks. The target is to consider the total environment of the ATM that can have a direct impact on secure usage and operations.