Industry Collaboration At Atm Security 2015

London, UK – During the ATM Security 2015 Conference in London, the ATM Security Association offered insights into its achievements to date and gave an outlook on what to expect from the cross-industry collaboration in future.

How different organizations can master current and future ATM security challenges by joining forces was the key topic of a session within the speaker program led by Uwe Krause, Chairman of the ATM Security Association. He reported on the association’s progress in building a neutral, secure platform for analysis of identified ATM security threats with the objective of sharing knowledge and enabling proactive, cross-vendor recommendations on countermeasures.

Beyond that, the association’s roadmap for the future was presented. The first of the working groups focusing on the four highly prioritized areas of skimming and card compromise, cassette security, software security and encryption will publish their initial results, including a white paper on ATM skimming and card compromising techniques, well before the end of the year. Also, further results such as other white papers and best-practice guidelines will be issued upon completion. The year ahead will be marked by several activities to make the association’s objectives accessible to broader target groups and, in consequence, by the acquisition of new members. The first major event in 2016 will be the association’s presentation at the ATMIA US Conference from February 23 to 25, the largest ATMfocused event in the world.

“Speaking in general terms, we notice more and more that key players concerned with ATM security issues are following our association’s activities with great interest and are eager to learn about the next steps,” says Joerg Engelhardt, ATM Security Association finance and marketing director. “Initially, it was questioned that different organizations such as ATM manufacturers, financial institutions, suppliers, service providers and independent ATM deployers (IADs) in a competitive environment can find common ground to safeguard ATMs against attacks and fraud. But by now, we see a growing recognition that cross-industry collaboration is indeed needed to combat the most pressing ATM security threats.” During the ATM Security Conference, representatives of the ATM Security Association had the same experience. Several delegates at the event showed great interest in the association’s achievements and its growing membership. With a total of more than 330 visitors representing the majority of the relevant target groups, the association’s team at the exhibition stand was very busy talking to interested parties in between the sessions of the conference program and also had a large number of conversations during the program of talks. These related mostly to the general activities and priorities of the association, the current membership and the process of joining and participating. The large number of contacts made during the conference offers promising opportunities for the association to follow up with financial institutions, ATM suppliers, technology experts and many more.

The whole range of comments received during the event is reflected in the remark of Najat Janah, Directeur Backoffice Monetique & Nouvelle Technologies, Banque Populaire, Casablanca, Morocco: She was pleased to see the association’s presence in London and underlined the importance of the crossindustry security collaboration which the ATM Security Association enables by stating that there was a significant gap before the ATM industry had such an institution.


Fast on the heels of the ATM Security 2015 Conference in London, a representative of the ATM Security Association attends CELAES in Panama on October 15 and 16, 2015. During the meeting, which focuses on security within financial institutions, the association provides interested parties in Latin America with insights into the organization and, in particular, into the activities of the working group skimming and card compromise.

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About the ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology

The ATM Security Association for Enhanced Technology is a non-profit association dedicated to improving ATM security. Its aim is to compile information on recognized and potential attack scenarios on ATMs and share that information with specific industry groups to rapidly develop and implement counter-measures at a global level. The main purpose of the ATM Security Association is to create a global network throughout the ATM provider chain enhancing security including all involved parties like Global ATM manufacturers, Suppliers, Financial Institutions, Service Providers and IADs. One of the primary goals of the ATM Security Association is the creation of security standards focused on the deployers’ self-service channel. The focus of the association will be on both hardware and software-related threats, physical and logical attacks. The target is to consider the total environment of the ATM that can have a direct impact on secure usage and operations.