ATM Security Association welcomes LiquidNexxus as its latest Member

LiquidNexxus has joined the ATM Security Association as a member, the company will participate in the cross-industry collaboration within the association’s various working groups in order to contribute its expertise in ATM security and contribute to the development of global industry security standards and best practices. “We are delighted to join the ATM Security Association … Continued

ATM Security Association Issues White Paper on Cash Cassette Security

Next release of one of the association’s expert working groups is now available Utrecht, the Netherlands – The ATM Security Association releases the second result by one of its expert working groups. The white paper on cash cassette security is now available for download from the association’s website. The document outlines the multifaceted environment of … Continued

Battling ATM crime with a blunt sword

While international crime groups are acting fast, intelligently and with the backing of huge amounts of money, industry players are fighting in single battlefields and sometimes with blunt swords. It’s time to rethink our strategy in fighting ATM crime.

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ATM Security Association Releases White Paper on Atm Card Compromise

Inital result of the skimming working group is now available online Utrecht, the Netherlands – Today the ATM Security Association released a white paper on ATM card compromising techniques and countermeasures. The global cost of ATM skimming is estimated to be over $2 billion annually and continues to rise. This is the initial result published … Continued

Atm Security Association Welcomes Newest Member: The Royal Bank of Scotland

New entrant strengthens the representation of financial institutions within the organization Utrecht, the Netherlands – The ATM Security Association welcomes its newest member: The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is participating in the cross-industry collaboration since February 1, 2016. The joining of RBS strengthens the representation of financial institutions within the association. The Scotland-based banking … Continued