As ATM networks have expanded worldwide, so has the sophistication of global crime. The combination of these factors has led to intensified security concerns at the ATM.

Automated Teller MachineCombating this issue requires consistent focus and global defense solutions throughout the ATM provider chain. It was necessary to form an association focused on this issue to compile information on recognized and potential attack scenarios on ATMs. Goal is to share the right information with the right people within the industry to develop actionable plans to combat ATM crime on a global scale.

The ATM Security Association targets at bringing manufacturers and their suppliers together with the common target to create vendor independent standards for security solutions within the industry. That is also the key benefit which the ATM Security Association will provide to its members and the industry as a total.

Common standards could for example include unified interfaces or common procedures for core processes like key loading, simplifying the implementation of security solutions in ATM networks or the reaction to detected attacks.

The independence of the Association will be assured via the Association´s leadership by an independent board. In addition to this, all participating members will have to comply with a code of conduct taking into consideration the sensitive nature of the topics to be dealt with.

The focus of the association will be on both hardware and software-related threats, physical and logical attacks. The target is to consider the total environment of the ATM that can have a direct impact on secure usage and operations.

The association clearly encourages every company that has a stake in global ATM security to become a valued member of the association. Feel free to apply via the contact page or send an informal application for membership to